Is the price really only $79?
Yes! The price for this great bundled deal is only $79. No additional or hidden charges. All individual products included are legitimate, and come with the original license from their designers or copyright owners.
How come the price is so low?
We negotiated the heck out of each deal to get this exclusive price... Now you can enjoy a massive library of high quality resources for only $79, instead of endlessly searching for graphics scattered all over the internet.
How do I download the files?
While downloading files, keep in mind that it's best to download them one by one, rather than all at once. If you download more than one file at a time you can get errors and it won’t make your downloads go any faster. Please refrain from using 'Speed Download' or any other download accelerator, as it increases the load on our servers, and increases the chance that you or someone else trying to download will get an unexpected drop in connection.
I didn’t get an email. What do I do?
Upon successful payment confirmation via 'Fast & Secure' you will receive an email (almost instantly) with links to the page where you can download your product. Please check your spam folder in case you don't get an email after a few minutes. We recommend to white list us for future communications. If you do not receive an email after an hour or two, contact us through the 'Support' page.
How does the ‘Buy Now’ section works?
Upon clicking the 'Buy Now' button or link, you will be redirected to a payment gateway page. Please enter your full name, valid email address and ACCEPT the 'Terms of Use'. You are all set! Simply click the green 'Buy Now' button and your order confirmation will be processed. You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card.
What’s the advantage of buying a bundled deal?
The actual accumulated price of every item included in this pack amounts to over $6,500. Purchased as individual deals, it would still cost $417. So stop calculating before you lose this incredible deal at an unbeatable price of $79.
I got an error while downloading a file. How can I fix it?
No worries... Simply >>> Clear your browser cache, close your browser and wait for 10 seconds. Re-open your browser and download the files. Enjoy! We strongly recommend using Firefox or Chrome for a smooth download experience. Still having a hard time? Write to us, we are here for you.
I am not satisfied, can I get a refund?
We are sorry to hear that the product did not match your needs. Yes, you may claim refund but we DO NOT grant refund requests older than 60 days.
What kind of License do I get?
You get Royalty-Free (RF) License with this pack.
Does individual deals have RF License too?
Yes, all the deals provided in this pack carry Royalty-Free (RF) License individually for your convenience.
What’s inside the pack ?
Complete package gets you: Vectors, Icons, Stock Photos, Outlined Icons, Logos, Textured Backgrounds, Cutout Images, Sticker Icons and Much More...
How big is the pack?
The pack includes over 15,600 files. Required disk space - over 15GB.